We are stylish

Soft B ‘is an exciting new fashion brand, launched in 2013. 
Soft B ‘ is feminine fashion that are inspired by the bohemian style. 

The name Soft B’ emphasizes the brand’s design DNA that is “soft bohemian style”. 

The expression is at once stylish, light and soft. Soft B ‘build collections, so it is easy to put together clothing in several layers for a stylish look. 

Soft B ‘is always designed in a delicate and harmonious color palette based on current season’s trend colors. Soft B has four annual collections that are produced in rustic and natural fabrics. 

If you are looking for a feminine, unique and individual style – and love clothes that are also comfortable and soft to wear – then Soft B ‘is your new favorite brand! 

Like the other brands from B & C Textiles the Soft B ‘ is characterized by delivering high quality to commercial prices. 

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